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What is CAMHS? CAMHS means Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. This is a place young people come for special help when they are having problems with their feelings. Some young people come because they are feeling sad, some come because they are feeling worried. If you get asked to come to CAMHS, it is really nothing to worry about. Lots of friendly people work in CAMHS, and lots of normal young people come here for help everyday.



     I'm feeling worried

    Everybody worries sometimes. Young children tend to worry about things like tests, making friends, or whether they'll be bullied or being left out of games. Some young people worry about things going on in the world, like things they see on the news. Sometimes our worries get so big that they stop us enjoying things like seeing friends, or being able to enjoy going to school. Sometimes worries creep into our heads at night and stop us sleeping as well as normal. It will help if you share your worries with your parents or a teacher. They might be able to help you feel better so that your worries don’t get too big. Some young people find it hard to talk about their worries, but like to write them down instead. If your worries get big and really start to bother you, you may need to come to talk to someone in CAMHS. Click here to hear how one girl stopped worrying so much by coming to CAMHS  


    I'm feeling sad

    It is normal to feel sad if something bad happens. Sometimes sad feelings go away quickly, like if you feel sad after an argument with a friend, but then make up the next day. Sometimes the sad feelings last for a longer time, like feeling sad after someone important dies. If you have been feeling sad for a long time, or the sad feelings are really strong, it is important to tell your parents or a grownup how you feel. You will not be in trouble for feeling sad. Your parents or a teacher may be able to help you feel better. If it is hard to stop feeling so sad, it might be a good idea to come to talk to someone in CAMHS.



    I am Angry

    Lots of young people that come to see us in CAMHS have trouble with getting angry a lot. There are lots of different reasons for getting angry, like being teased or bullied, being told off by the teacher, or being asked to do things by your parents. Sometimes when young people get angry a lot, they lash out at other people with words or actions. Anger is a problem if you or people around you are getting hurt. It is also a problem if stuff around you is getting broken because you are getting so angry. We all need to find ways of dealing with feeling angry, and learning how to tell others we are annoyed in a safe way. Some young people come to CAMHS for help learning how to deal with anger.




    I'm so scared

    Children and grownups can be really afraid of lots of different things, like being afraid of dogs, getting lost, thunder, spiders, and the dark. Sometimes a fear is so strong that it makes it really hard to do all the normal things you want to do. If your fear is stopping you being able to go to school, youth club or to play with your friends, you might want to come to talk to someone in CAMHS. Click on this link to hear how one girl stopped feeling so scared.




    I can't sleep at night

    Sometimes young people have trouble getting a good sleep at night. Sleep is really important, so if you are not sleeping right, you are probably not feeling so good during the day. Some young people have difficulty falling over to sleep, or waken up during the night and cannot get back to sleep again. Some young people find it hard to get into a bedtime routine, like getting ready for bed at a certain time, or staying in their own bed all night.

    Sleep can be affected by worries about things happening in your life, such as bullying, moving school, or getting your schoolwork done. If you are worried about something and it is stopping you from sleeping at night, it will help you to talk to your parents about it. If your parents are worried about your sleep, they may ask for you to come to see someone in CAMHS.




    I’m being bullied

    Bullying is where someone is picking on you, teases you, always leaves you out of their games, or does anything to hurt you. Sometimes bullying happens when people send nasty texts, or write mean things on the internet. Bullying happens to a lot of young people, but it important that we try to stop bullying. Bullying can make young people feel very sad, or scared of going to places where they might see the bully.
    It is important that grown-ups get to hear about young people being bullied. Talk to a teacher, mum or dad, a grown-up brother or sister, or your CAMHS worker if you are being bullied. Sometimes the bully pretends that something bad will happen if you tell anyone. We know it is really important that young people do tell someone if this is happening, so they can help to keep you safe and happy. Bullying is serious, so don’t try to deal with it alone.



    How do I get to come to CAMHS?

    If you are not already coming to CAMHS, but you have looked at the stuff on this website and think it might be a good idea, you need to talk to an adult who can help to organise this for you. They will need to ask your family doctor to write a letter to CAMHS asking us to meet you.
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